Ranch COVID-19 Customer Information video.

Ranch COVID-19 24th September Update video.

The Ranch Steakhouse & Grill's Steps to be COVID secure.



As per the new government laws set out on Tuesday, 22nd September:

Customers must wear masks when entering the restaurant. These can be taken off once seated at the table.

TRACK AND TRACE is now law. Please either scan the QR code's around the restaurant or fill out the track and trace form.

All restaurants must now close at 10pm. This means all customers have to be out the building by this time or we are breaking the law.


This is obviously a massive change and something we are working hard to implement quickly to cause as less inconvenience to our customers as possible, however, that being said, many customers will unfortunately have their booking affected by this change.


As the change is in play from Thursday, 24th September, we have many tables booked after 8pm. These tables, with all the other guidelines and procedures in place, will need to be moved to a different time, moved to another date or cancelled.

The Ranch will not be able to offer the same level of service or guarantee food in a comfortable time for tables with less than a 2hr slot.


The main problem we have is that our tables get booked up in advance very quickly. This has resulted in some tables booked after 8pm not being able to come at a convenient earlier time. Cancelling and rearranging every table for the next two months is just not possible. 


We know birthdays will be missed, anniversaries not celebrated and much, much more with us but we cannot stress enough that this is not a choice. This is a government law put in place with two days notice and something that is regretfully going to affect many bookings with us.


We’d like to assure our customers that we’ll do the best we can to accommodate you but please do not be aggressive or rude towards our staff if this isn’t possible. There is another human at the end of the phone who really does not want to be breaking any bad news to our customers!


We’ll be making our way through the bookings from now.




As per the update from the government on Wednesday, 9th September, The Ranch Steakhouse & Grill will now have a maximum table size of 6 people from multiple households. In England, this is regardless of age so each child or infant classes as one person.

We will be allowing tables off 7-10 people but only from one household. As support bubbles cannot currently be proved, we have had to make the difficult decision to only allow tables from household with proof being required from all guests before the table will be considered.

We are trying our very best to ensure our rules and standards are as clear as possible, something that is proving difficult with some of the governments statements and updates. We’d like to stress to all of customers affected and agitated by this change that this is now law from the government, not a guideline or a choice from our establishment.

Any tables from 14/09 that show up at our restaurant as a group larger than 6 will be asked to leave immediately without reason. The Ranch has taken all guidelines so far very seriously so laws will be implemented the same way.

Our opening times are Tuesday - Thursday, 5pm until late, Friday - Sunday, 4pm until late. ​


Bookings can currently only be made online. We are currently not accepting bookings over the phone. If the slot you wish to book is not there then that time slot is not available for your table size.

Our current maximum table size is 6 people from multiple households or 7-10 but from the same household. As support bubbles cannot be proved we cannot currently accept these as part of the booking.

(proof being required for tables larger than 7 and these must be enquired about via email, our address is

It is the customers responsibility to be honest when making a booking and The Ranch will take this matter very seriously.

All tables will have a strict 2 hour slot.

As we are using much less tables it is essential that you make us aware as soon as possible if you wish to cancel. Please try to not leave this until the date and give us as much time as possible.

It is essential that you do not arrive too early or late for your bookings. This will help us with social distancing and ensure tables are spread out as they should.

If you do not have a booking please do not try walking in to our restaurant. You must give us a call on the date and ask about any late availability.


Vouchers due to expire between 20th March 2020 and 4th July 2020 closed will still be valid when we re-open. We will be adding 4 months on to these vouchers giving these customers until 4th October 2020 to use their voucher.

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