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Important Information

"Steak Night" will not be available on Sunday, 31st December, New Years Eve.

Tables of 11 or more will require a pre-order and deposit.

Our maximum table size (outside of December) is strictly 22 people.

During the festive period in December we can accommodate larger tables of up to 35/40 people depending on date and time.

We aim to respond to large table requests within 24 hours.

Please only book a time if you're aware each guest will be able to arrive on time.

Please note you are submitting a booking request, the table is not booked until we contact you to confirm. Do not assume the table is booked.


Please remember, NO TWO DIFFERENT OFFERS CAN BE USED TOGETHER per table, booking or party under any circumstances. Splitting the bill does not count as a different table/booking/party. ​


Deposit information:

We require a non-refundable deposit of £5 per person which is due 14 days before the date of the booking in December. Without the deposit, your table will be cancelled and booked out to a different party.

Please note, the deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. If you cancel the table, you will lose the deposit. Each guest will lose their deposit if they don't arrive for the table. The deposit is taken from the final bill. If a guest doesn't arrive for the table and we are not made aware the meal will need to be paid for.


Pre-order information:

All tables will require a pre-order of any starters and mains. This is required 5 days before the date of the table and must be filled out on our pre-order form. We require the pre-order to be completed on our form with each guests name, starter and main.

Click HERE to head to our menu and preorder page. Every guest dining MUST pre-order their meals. Guests cannot arrive and order on the night regardless of celebration.

We aim to send pre-order meals 15/20 minutes after the booked time. This means it’s essential all guests arrive 15 minutes before for your booked slot. If guests are later than 20 minutes for the table their food may be sent whether they are present or not. Our chefs prepare dishes beforehand, so if we are not made aware a guest will not be attending, the meal will still be served and must be paid for.

Pre-orders must be completed on our forms. We require the names for each customers and the starter (if any) and main order.

The Ranch reserves the right to cancel a table without a valid pre-order.

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